Airline opportunities

The dedicated connection providing each aspect of the aircraft, from the crew through to the passengers, with a secure online channel
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When providing an aircraft-wide connection to all passengers and crew there are a number of challenges to face. Every transaction needs to be secure, but happen swiftly enough not to delay the process. Each airline will also have a digital strategy in place, so any incumbent product needs to compliment the existing technology. One of the most frustrating elements of airline travel is the loss of connectivity from home to gate to inflight travel, losing any work in progress. Once in the air, the amount of data usage the crew and passengers require will impact one another, so effective management will be needed to allow for both to exist hand in hand.

ONAIR Plug can address these challenges.

Product description

The connectivity provided by ONAIR Plug supplies a dedicated, ‘Nose-To-Tail’ connection throughout your flight. ONAIR Plug is available through all devices and supports all applications, providing universal coverage across all of your flights.

Features and benefits