Strong tech partnerships = high-flying VIP services

Are your inflight connectivity solutions as high-flying as your VIP customers?

It’s clear that VIP and business operators want and demand the highest quality onboard services for their prized passengers. But is that quality being delivered to the top standards they – and you – expect?

The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) runs from 22-24 May in Geneva, welcoming more than 13,000 attendees from the business aviation world.

Stephan Egli, SITAONAIR’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, below explains why SITAONAIR is making unlocking the true value of VIP operators’ inflight connectivity solutions a priority – and how we deliver that added value.


Q: How would you describe the business aviation landscape?

Stephan: When we reflect on the success of VIP and business aviation, the numbers really do speak for themselves. In Europe, an output nearing €100bn; 7.5% of Europe’s overall aviation market share; more than 160,000 people employed. The Middle East is set to be one of the world’s fastest growing regional markets in 2017, with Saudi Arabia accounting for some 35% of the region’s business fleet, and an increasing number of business flights year-on-year.

These numbers spell out exciting times for this important industry sector, as the business aviation industry continues to grow. As the competition hots up, however, operators will need and want to distinguish themselves from their rivals. And in the VIP and business sector, this distinguishing factor is always in the quality and exclusivity of your passenger service.

Speaking from an inflight connectivity perspective, SITAONAIR believes this quality is achieved through intelligent technology partnerships that champion innovation, develop bespoke inflight services that support your brand values, and aim to maximise value for operators. This is where we step in.


Q: What is SITAONAIR’s proposition for the VIP/business sector?

Stephan: As a trusted distribution partner for GX Aviation, SITAONAIR is ready to deploy high-speed broadband services across any customer aircraft fleet size or type – from Falcon 7X up to B747-800 – anywhere in the world.

That initial GX deployment is just the start of an operators’ connected aircraft story, however! This is because it provides us with a blank canvas of high-speed broadband possibility; our green light to integrate wide-ranging, intuitive connected aircraft solutions, for cabin crew and passenger, cockpit or flight ops, realizing operators’ connected aircraft goals.

With our industry-recognised IT, data and engineering expertise, we deliver everything from co-created Internet ONAIR passenger portals, CrewTabs and a seamless mobile connectivity experience.


Q: SITAONAIR is one of the smaller business aviation service providers – why would an operator choose you over a bigger company?

Stephan: SITAONAIR is a small but significant player in the global business aviation market, and our customers recognize the strong benefit of partnering with us. They benefit from a highly-personalized, hyper-flexible business relationship, supported by a dedicated point of contact and team. Our SITA heritage means we also have the capabilities of a large organization. So, not only do customers benefit from the reactivity, quickness and flexibility of a small company – they get the prestige of 70 years of aeronautical expertise, from a large group who have powered aircraft communications services and infrastructure all around the world.

This brings with it access to the exclusive expertise of SITAONAIR Support Specialists across 13 countries – something only made possible by our unique company structure. It’s a testament to this that every single VIP customer we have signed since our formation remains with us, and invests and develops their VIP inflight connectivity offer with our solutions. We are witnessing a steady growth in this customer base, year-on-year, delivering to meet the very bespoke requirements of the VIP aviation sector, from royalty and emirs, to government ministries.


Q: Why should a VIP operator take notice of SITAONAIR’s portfolio?

Stephan: Of course, VIP customers want to be offered an exclusive inflight experience. With us, an aircraft operator receives future-proof and flexible inflight connectivity solutions, so their passenger experience offer remains relevant and attractive to their customer base. Every VIP operator has a strong expectation of what a connectivity partner should deliver as global technology advances and leaps forward. SITAONAIR is constantly innovating and enhancing its portfolio to answer these ever-changing needs.

Business aviation operators also want a connectivity solution that is flexible enough to be easily deployed within various air frames. Our solution for cabin connectivity is flexible enough to be deployed on any broadband-capable air frame.

What is more, to date, SITAONAIR owns European Aviation Safety Agency and Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificates for aircraft ranging from Falcon 7X up to the B747-800 – supporting a smoother, swifter installation process on your aircraft or fleet.


Q: Where can visitors find you if they want to discover SITAONAIR’s business/ VIP proposition at EBACE?

Our team of senior representatives would be very pleased to meet you at SITAONAIR Booth V65 in Hall 6 – you can arrange a private demo or meeting by emailing

Find out more about SITAONAIR’s presence at EBACE 2017.