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The growth of air travel has resulted in the expansion and construction of new and existing airports to meet future demand, as well as continued growth in air traffic. With this demand comes the opportunity for ANSPs to grow airspace capacity safely, by improving networks to boost effectiveness across communications, navigation aids and surveillance. A key factor for achieving this is the use of the latest air traffic control (ATC) equipment and services.


ANSPs face a number of practical challenges when optimizing operational efficiency and building airspace capacity safely. These include: managing the growth of airspace safely, while operating with legacy voice radio communication; addressing language barriers and misunderstandings between pilots and controllers; and meeting changing regional regulatory standards.

SITAONAIR’s ATC offer can address these challenges


Our ATC portfolio brings added value to both airspace users and the ATC community and, in particular, increases airspace capacity by implementing easy-to-use datalink applications in en-route and airport environments. The digital communication format means both pilots and controllers can communicate efficiently, without misunderstanding, which helps boost capacity while ensuring safety.

For air traffic controllers, our datalink-capable ATM tools enable them to efficiently manage aircraft and automate routine tasks. It also frees up VHF channels for tactical communication. The tools additionally help them to improve safety by visualizing aircraft positions, even over remote and oceanic airspace.

Our tools save time for pilots who receive ATC instructions automatically via datalink through avionic systems, instead of standing by on ATC frequency. This also means they can access ATC information worldwide, regardless of VHF voice coverage. Any information can be printed if necessary. Together, these features help improve efficiency and safety.


  • The ATS AIRCOM portfolio enables ANSPs to transmit ATC information and instructions over datalink instead of legacy voice radio communication. This improves safety by removing potential misunderstandings due to poor VHF voice quality.
  • ATC communication over datalink improves efficiency by increasing capacity (+11% in Europe by ATN/controller pilot datalink communication (CPDLC) implementation).
  • In remote and oceanic airspace, automatic dependence surveillance contract (ADS-C) enables ANSPs to track aircraft positions, even when outside radar coverage.
  • CPDLC removes the need for high-frequency radios for ATC communications.
  • In Europe, by entering into a datalink VHF partnership with SITAONAIR, ANSPs are able to deploy a state-of-the-art VDL network and comply with EC 2009/29 Data Link Services Implementing Rule.
  • Outside of Europe, ANSPs are launching ATM evolution projects that will require enhanced and efficient datalink communication infrastructures (e.g. the NexGen program in the US).
  • A common communication link is used for AOC traffic and ATS services, which puts ANSPs in greater control of your wider communication infrastructure.


Complete integration

We are the only vendor capable of providing a bundled ATC datalink system and ATC datalink network services, enabling seamless integration from the ATM environment to the cockpit.Extensive ATS datalink experience

We have been delivering ATC datalink solutions and services, worldwide, since the start of datalink use in the ATC.

Airlines trust our ATS services

As most airlines are also SITAONAIR AIRCOM customers, we have the unique ability to involve airlines in end-to-end ATC datalink validation activities.

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Air traffic control connectivity Stat
Air traffic control connectivity Stat
Air traffic control connectivity Stat

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