Aircraft data connectivity

 The effective, real-time transfer and utilization of aircraft data can provide airlines with the ability to enhance operations, lower maintenance costs and improve turnaround time. This can be achieved by managing parts availability and ensuring better oversight and control over aircraft operations and dispatch.


Airlines face a number of practical challenges posed by manual tools and processes when obtaining valuable data from their aircraft. These include loss of data stored on media for transfer to ground system, inefficient data mining and a lack of a quantifiable metrics to determine the success rate of aircraft data extraction, storage and analysis.

In addition, the IT execution of aircraft/flight data analysis projects leads to complex, lengthy integration, taking valuable airline resource away from the day-to-day operation.

SITAONAIR’s Aircraft Data offer can address these challenges


Our Aircraft Data offer provides you and your team with automatic aircraft acquisition and data transfer, based on airline-specific communication policy, as well as a turnkey cloud-hosted data management and application capability. Through this, we can help you to achieve the following business process improvements:

  • Process time for automatically retrieving data from aircraft to ground-based flight data management solutions can be reduced by more than 99%, from a duration of days to just minutes
  • In-aircraft interventions, due to automation, can be reduced by more than 90%
  • Thanks to cloud-hosted solutions, project implementation lead times can be reduced from months to just weeks

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We work independently with all industry players such as OEMs, Equipment Manufacturers and MRO service providers. This means we can provide you with access to innovative, fleet agnostic Aircraft Health Management (AHM) and CBM solutions. We can be flexible in our role, either acting as single point of contact for modular turnkey solutions or as an integrator/hosting partner and operator for your specific solutions.

Our key objective is to simplify the overall IT execution and consequently help both you and OEMs understand and use the data to further optimise and reduce costs rather than to spend time and effort managing the data itself.

AHM and CBM solutions rely upon on-board, on-ground and wireless data transmission solutions. This is a core area of our expertise, which allows us to tailor solutions to each and every need. Our modular architecture blueprint is built on six key existing data management capabilities and each can be configured to deliver either a federated or independent solution.

SITAONAIR key focus areas

QAR-based Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FQQA) solutions
These solutions focus on collecting, analyzing and/or visualizing the data generated by a fleet of aircraft to identify new ways to improve flight safety and increase overall operational efficiency including safety and regulatory management and general aircraft performance.

Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MQQA) solutions
These solutions are collecting, analyzing and/or visualizing the data generated by a fleet of aircraft to identify new ways to improve cost efficiency through prognostics and condition-based maintenance actions

Ground Operations Quality Assurance (GOQA) solutions
These solutions are derived from FOQA and MOQA solutions utilizing aircraft data to monitor performance and timing of ground operation interventions on aircraft fleet while at the gate.


We are the unique in the industry, providing an end-to-end, fully managed aircraft data solution, with:

  • A complete portfolio, covering the full data management chain, from aircraft to applications and analysts
  • Expertise in ATI, aircraft equipment installation and management
  • Cloud-based platform, securely integrated in the airline environment / network
  • Partnerships with the an ecosystem of OEMs, ISVs and Air Framers
  • A neutral position, and a community mandate to provide a comprehensive solution to the whole industry

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Aircraft data connectivity Stat
Aircraft data connectivity Stat
Aircraft data connectivity Stat

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e-Aircraft® DataCapture

Air-to-ground system to automatically collect aircraft data for improved safety, flight operations and maintenance
  • Secured from air-to-ground
  • 24/7, 365 support
  • Time saving
  • Minimized investment
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AIRCOM® FlightMessenger icon

AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

An application for integrating and translating data into a format that can seamlessly feed in to your IT infrastructure, helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ready for the future
  • Aircraft communication mailbox
  • Sequencer enabled
  • Specified data extraction
  • Support for multiple communications protocols
  • Data format management
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AIRCOM® Cockpit Services

Unlock a significant number of cost savings and efficiencies with both data and voice services for the aircraft
  • Hardware and software agnostic
  • Regular and reliable technology updates
  • 24/7, 365 support
  • Globally managed
  • AIRCOM® Cockpit Services: Voice
  • AIRCOM® Cockpit Services: Datalink
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