Passenger connectivity

The connected traveller demands hassle-free, fast online access throughout their journey, they also want to be able to access the applications that enhance their experiences and bring them utility. We provide inflight connectivity with consistent global coverage for both inflight mobile phone and Wi-Fi services, as well as an engaging wireless inflight entertainment solution.

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Passenger connectivity Stat
Passenger connectivity Stat
Passenger connectivity Stat

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Internet ONAIR icon

Internet ONAIR

Offer a personalized and interactive Internet connection that’s just like using a standard public hotspot on the ground
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Content filtering
  • Onboard security
  • Bandwidth prioritization
  • Service packaging
  • Connectivity retail
  • Gather insights
  • Passenger interface
  • Wi-Fi as a differentiator
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Mobile ONAIR icon

Mobile ONAIR

Provide seamless global inflight connection for passengers to make phone calls, send text messages and use mobile data
  • No hidden costs or restrictions
  • Domestic service, inflight
  • Simple and seamless
  • Monetize connectivity
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Enabling connectivity to the aircraft through a satellite based network
  • Link ONAIR over GX Aviation comes with a peace-of-mind integrated solution
  • Link ONAIR over GX Aviation evolves with the airline data growing needs
  • GX Aviation performances and capacities
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ONAIR Plug icon


Provide a dedicated, ‘Nose-To-Tail’ connection and universal coverage across all of your flights
  • Agnostic solution
  • Enhance traffic control
  • Dedicated and secure access
  • Exclusive access for the airline
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