Virgin Australia reveals how SITAONAIR CrewTab has digitized cabin crews’ experience


A new feature video captures how Virgin Australia cabin crews’ onboard experience has been revolutionized by SITAONAIR’s CrewTab solution – VA’s ‘vCabin’.

Virgin Australia continues to win numerous accolades for its top onboard passenger service – including the 2017 Skytrax Best Airline Staff Awards and Excellence Award for Best Cabin Crew. VA’s inflight excellence has been supported by vCabin CrewTab, across the airline’s full fleet, since 2016.

Why CrewTab?

VA’s adoption of SITAONAIR CrewTab has enhanced cabin crews’ pre-flight, inflight and post-flight activities by digitizing paper and workflow processes. Through its easy-to-use tablet interface, it enables airline crews to deliver a range of services at optimum efficiency. In reducing the time spent on paper-based admin, teams can focus on delivering a personalized customer service, enhanced by accessing individual passenger profiles.

CrewTab also gives flight pursers and cabin crew a platform for streamlining advisory, documenting and reporting processes, intelligently integrated within airline’s existing IT systems.

Tash Tobias explains

Speaking in the video, Tash Tobias, General Manager of Inflight Experience at Virgin Australia, explains the thinking behind VA’s CrewTab adoption.

“At Virgin Australia we fly over 400 flights a day, and it’s imperative that our crew are able to deliver the world’s most rewarding travel experience,” she says. “How that looks today is really different from how it’s going to look in a year, or five years’ time. That is why it’s so important to work with really great partners to evolve and be ahead of the curve for the future. That partner for us is SITAONAIR.”

As to vCabin’s benefits for VA airline crews, Tobias says: “vCabin CrewTab does two things for us. It makes sure that we are able to offer an extraordinary guest experience all the time. It also helps to optimize our operational efficiency.

“There’s a massive impact, from making our cabin crew feel more professional, from making them proud about the tools that they’ve got to use onboard to delight our guests, and that shouldn’t be underestimated in any of this.

“Going from having a piece of paper, and running your finger down an old manifest to look for what a guest requires, to having a seat plan that actually shows you where everyone’s sitting, who’s missing, whether they’ve got a special requirement of any sort, it’s really, really important in terms of delivering an outstanding experience with our guests.”

Supporting cabin crew performance

The airline has also been keen to harness CrewTab’s technological capabilities for monitoring the performance of the cabin crew, as part of its approach for maintaining high standards.

Tobias adds: “We took the opportunity to work with SITAONAIR to develop a tool that enabled onboard leaders to evaluate the performance of the cabin crew. This was quite transformational, given that it gives us a good insight into their performance, and helps us to make everyone better.”

VA Cabin Supervisor, Jenna, adds: “The app is very user-friendly. It’s very easy to navigate through the app to see what areas you need to go into, and what you need to fill out.”

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